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We are the daughters of the men and women who served in World War II.

Our Mission: To honor all veterans of World War II by preserving their memories and service, so future generations will recognize the great sacrifice of these men and women in protecting the freedom all Americans enjoy today.

We bring together Daughters, Veterans, family members, and those supporting our efforts through programming and special events, designed to raise awareness of World War II and its veterans within our communities. 

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Lehigh Valley Veterans History Project Roundtable 

The Lehigh Valley Veterans History Project was formed to capture the stories of ALL war time American veterans; WWII, the wars in Korea, Vietnam, the Persian Gulf, and the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Our primary mission is to collect, document and preserve the personal experiences of U.S. wartime veterans, as well as home front workers and volunteers who supported the war effort. Our objective is to honor their service and share their stories with current and future generations, historians and equally important, the veteran’s family members.

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Revisit WWII in Reading PA every June and experience history. 

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The World War II History Project is a 501(c)(3) organization working to preserve the stories of World War II veterans – whether Allied or Axis – for the education of people of all ages across the world.

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Teaching History.

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